"I'm looking at item number ___, is it still available? How much?"

Photographed stock on our website is an example showcase of stock we see through the store. We can receive anywhere up to 15 trucks of stock in a week, and serve thousands of people during our sale days. This essentially means the turnover of stock is non-stop. We have an approximate 4,000sqm showroom absolutely packed with bargains, and by the time we take photos, get dimensions, descriptions and prices of items to list online... half of the stock would be sold! To see what is available for purchase and to get prices on items, you will need to come down to the store during our sale days (Thursday - Sunday weekly, excluding public holidays).

"How does it all work?"

Click here to read about how to buy

Click here to read about how to sell

If you are unsure about anything, feel free to contact us.

"Can I buy without coming to the store?"

No. The majority of stock that comes through to us is some form of slight seconds, so all stock must be viewed in person, either by yourself or someone you have nominated to view on your behalf, to ensure that the items are in desirable condition, the correct colour and size, suitable for their intended purpose, etc. We do not offer warranties or refunds on items for change of mind.

"Are there any warranties or refunds on stock?"

Electrical items will have a minimum 24 hour return to base warranty if faulty. On other stock in store, unless supplied directly by the owners of the goods or otherwise stated, we do not offer warranties or refunds. Due to this, we ask that customers please ensure they have thoroughly checked over items they are purchasing as all goods are sold as is.

"What sort of payment plans do you have?"

We currently have 7 day deposits available, or for long term payment plans, we now offer Certegy Ezi-Pay on select items in store!

"I saw an item with on deposit on it. Can I pay the full amount or extra to purchase it now?"

No. Unless we have multiples of a particular item, we will not sell an item that is already on deposit. If a customer places an item on deposit it is secured in under their name and cannot be sold to another customer.

"I live too far away, can you send me photos and prices of ____?"

Unfortunately we do not have the staff on hand or enough hours in the day to be able to get photos and prices of individual items for individual customers.

"When are you open for viewing?"

We are open for viewing and purchasing from Thursday to Sunday each week, excluding public holidays. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as specifically set aside for our suppliers to bring stock through to us. This means there tends to be forklift acitivty in store, pallets and large items being moved around the store, stock being built etc. It is a safety hazard to have customers in store to look around. You are welcome to come in to collect an item already paid for, or to finalise a successful tender, but we cannot let customers look around the store due to the dangers. Click here to see a timetable of our opening hours.


How to sell

How to buy

Tender form

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Humm checklist

All information and forms are available in store, but feel free to print them out and view them in your own time! If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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